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    Dear users,

    this forum was wet up because the amount of e-mails we receive is growing. The questions you are sending are very detailed and often we are unable to provide you with a good answer. We hope this forum will give users a chance to share experience directly and to help each other or at least support each other.

    We know everyone does not want to leave their personal information in the Internet, especially with so delicate topic as health. Therefore registration is not obligatory for participation.

    However, forum will be moderated and inappropriate content will be deleted (spam etc.) because we want for the forum to be useful.

    We kindly invite you to participate!

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    we are preparing to start using RENS HH JK+ for our son who is recovering from autism .We would like to be part of this forum to get more information on what to expect once we start using it.Thank you

Prikaz 2 prispevkov - od 1 do 2 (od skupno 2)
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