Slovenian the first in the world to beat autism? (Svet24)

An article titled “Slovenian the first in the world to beat autism?” was published in Slovenian daily newspaper Svet24, here is a summary.

Zoran Dernovšek, inventor of RENS H, has stated: “RENS H fits into phytopharmacy and microbiology, therefore, I cooperate with phyto-pharmacists, medical doctors and microbiologists.” With their help he was able to explain how food supplement RENS works. Lately it is mostly publicized regarding treatment of autism, however, the amazing effects of RENS H are demonstrated also with other illnesses and injuries. “In the first phase it removes poisons and metals directly from brain cavity and also from cells. It has anti-inflammatory effect on the lymph drainage system. When the level of poisons drops, RENS H opens the lymph drainage system. This is the breakthrough point. After this the brain starts to cleanse itself naturally. In the second phase it helps with restoration of damaged cells and organism recovery. In the third phase it becomes, what we could call, a ‘universal’ healing system” Dernovšek explains.

He claims the results are apparent in real life. “A child can be healed in three to twelve months, adults in six months to two years. Despite its universality and amazing activity we need to point out that recovery is only physical. RENS H has successfully slowed down the regression process in autism and reversed the illness process with both patients. Treatment results are being monitored constantly by reference laboratory tests abroad as well as by a medical doctor from Australia.”

Lab results show that detoxification process of the brain with RENS is at least 20 times faster than any other currently known detox process. Detox process with RENS H is targeted and selective. Contrary to others it cleanses the brain cavity directly. It extracts only harmful elements and not the good ones. Therefore the process of healing is much faster and detoxification is harmless for the patient which does not hold true for other existing methods.

Source: Svet24, January 10th 2017, Photo: Roman Turnšek

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