A boy with autism, Žiga, miraculously started talking at the age of 9 (Slovenske novice)

Here is a summary of the article titled “A boy with autism, Žiga, miraculously started talking at the age of 9” published in the biggest Slovenian daily newspaper Slovenske novice.

In the beginning of October 2016 Žiga started taking RENS food supplement. “Changes started right after the first dose of drops. He became calmer. He started to sleep through the night. Violent outbursts which were a part of everyday routine stopped. If he did not get a thing we wanted or something he wanted did not happen, he was throwing himself to the ground, he was breaking stuff etc.” told his father Dušan. They came across RENS H drops by accident. They had nothing to lose and a lot to gain so they gave it a shot. “Žiga is being given the supplement gradually. He started with two drops per day and for the next four days we added one additional drop each day. He will be receiving the drops for half a year to two years and then we will see what his condition will be. We are happy that effects are already apparent, particularly in speech. Before Žiga did not talk, even though he was almost nine years old.” Beside RENS drops Žiga takes vitamin C, which he lacks, and must not drink cow milk.

A change for the better

Changes are evident also in school not only at home. “Before he always wanted to run away from the group. Now he is a part of the group, he knows his way around the school and he recognizes his belongings. This was never the case before,” his father Dušan continues. But there is more progress. Žiga helps with dressing clothes, he takes off his shoes and puts things to their place. Occasionally he tells he needs to go to the bathroom and he does it independently. He uses spoon, fork and knife and has made great progress regarding communication skills. He started to repeat words and he uses words to express himself. Now he can tell about chocolate, car, Teletubbies, apples etc. He started to react to pain differently. His mother Damjana said: “If he falls or hits himself, he screams ‘ouch’ or ‘it hurts’. Before he was only crying.” One of the latest surprises is puzzles. Žiga can very quickly regardless of the picture put together a puzzle with 120 pieces.

Source: Slovenske novice, June 13th 2017, Photo: Jadranka Ferlin

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