RENS HYou are probably interested in RENS H food supplement, if you arrived at this page. We hope you will find here some answers to your question, although very likely not all of them.

We set up this website in Slovenian to gather in one place experience and positive stories about how RENS H helped a number of families with serious illnesses. The stories of parents how their autistic children made progress are unbelievable, especially if you have accepted the official diagnose that things won’t get better. But in reality, you never accept it and you are always looking for a possible solution. Those who found solution in RENS H will never forget it. But not to be focused only on autism, there are also other stories.

Most people do not want to be publically exposed, which is normal for a modern society where people are often fast to judge and slow to help. The stories of those who have gone public and will go in the future will be shared here. Some people share also their names, other only their stories. But all of them are invaluable and can become a ray of hope for those battling their own problems.

We receive a lot of e-mails from people outside of Slovenia who are asking for more information about RENS H. Some of them used Google Translate to read the contents of this website, but of course that has its limitations. So we decided to try and translate as much as we can to English with the kind help of RENS H users. We are aware that everyone does not understand English, but it is as far as we can go. You are still welcome to use Google Translate if you want to read in some other language.

We welcome you to browse our website. If you have questions or if you want to share your own story, please send us an e-mail to