RENS H – Frequently Asked Questions 2 – SHAKE really hard

We addressed some of the frequently asked questions in one of the previous articles, but there are still some left.


Drops, coming out of the bottle are very light. In the previous bottle they were dark. What is the matter?

RENS H drops (the same goes for RENS HH PLUS) are made from olive oil and the active ingredient which settles to the bottom of the bottle. In order for the drops to work and to get the active ingredient out of the bottle, you need to SHAKE THE BOTTLE REALLY HARD before every use.

You need to shake the bottle intensely for at least 15 seconds. If the bottle was standing still for a longer period of time, you need to shake it for a longer time.

You will see the result once you drop the solution on your finger. If the drop is dark green, it is ok. If the drop is light green, you need to close the bottle and shake it again.

Why so long instructions regarding shaking? We get a lot of mail from people asking if there is something wrong with their bottle.


Where to apply RENS H?

The producer states in the Instructions for use that RENS H drops have to be applied to gums or under the tongue. General rule is that the drops have to be in mouths for 5 minutes before swallowing them.

This may be a challenge with children. Many parents rub the drops on the lower gums while children are distracted by something else (watching cartoons) or while they sleep. You may have to try different approaches to find out which one is the best for you.


When to take RENS H?

The producer does not set a specific time for taking RENS H. You can to it in the morning, in the evening or both. With some children there were problems with sleeping (they could not get to sleep) if they were given RENS H in the evening. In this case give them RENS H in the morning.


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