RENS H – Frequently asked questions

You send us a lot of questions about the use and functioning of RENS H. We collected some of the most frequent questions and answers. We hope they will be useful.

What is the recommended daily dosage of RENS H for adults?

Recommended daily dosage for adults is 1 drop for each 15 kg of weight.

Is RENS H suitable for children?

Yes, two types of RENS H are available for children:

  • RENS H JK is available for young children with body weight from 5 to 20 kg. Recommended daily dosage is 1 drop for each 3 kg of weight.
  • RENS H BK is available for children with body weight from 20 to 50 kg. Recommended daily dosage for is 1 drop for each 7 kg of weight.

If the child weights more than 60 kg and is older than 12 years, you can use RENS H for adults.

I heard from other users of RENS H, which used it to solve their medical problems (not for preventive purposes), that they are taking double the recommended preventive dosage. Is this true?

Recommended preventive dosage is used for preventive purposes. In case of serious medical problems daily dosage is usually gradually increased to double preventative dosage.

How to apply RENS H drops?

Shake the bottle really hard so there is no dark substance at the bottom of the bottle. This is very important!

Drop the right number of drops on your finger. Apply it to your gums or under the tongue.

Drops are usually taken in one dose, in the evening or in the morning.

RENS H and autoimmune diseases

With autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis (MS), lupus (systemic lupus erythematosus, SLE), rheumatoid arthritis (RA), pemfigus vulgaris (skin) and others RENS H can stimulate immune system activity which strengthens the symptoms of autoimmune disease.

Can I become addicted to RENS H?

No, RENS H does not include any chemical, psychotropic or other similar ingredients so it does not cause addiction.

Storage and shelf life of RENS H drops

RENS H drops can be used for two (2) years from the production date, if the product is originally sealed and stored correctly.


You will find more information in the Instructions for use which are included in every bottle by the producer of RENS H.


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