Three stories how RENS H helped with serious problems

Since this RENS H community website went online, we have received a lot of e-mails and messages on the Facebook page. We would like to summarize some of your testimonies that you shared with us. They are a living proof that RENS H is changing lives for the better and that you should never give up.

We received permission from all three users of RENS H to publish their stories, but we deleted some personal data at their request.

We would like to apologize because sometimes it takes a long time to respond. We receive a lot of e-mails and it can happen that we miss it.

Hi, my son is 3 and a half years old and doctors have diagnosed him as possibly being in the autistic spectrum. We are still waiting for more detailed tests and diagnose. Three months ago I started giving him RENS H drops for children and we are witnessing huge progress. He started to talk a lot more, he started to sing, he learned the alphabet, his reactions to unpredictable situations are no longer excessive, it is much easier to talk to him. In kindergarten the teachers say that he is now playing with other children (he was solitary, he played alone, when something was not in line with his wishes he had outbursts of screaming and crying, he did not talk, he only responded to his name when he felt like it, he only repeated sentences from his favourite cartoons, he never sang any songs etc.).



My cousin successfully used RENS H to cure her son who was diagnosed with autism after compulsory vaccinations. RENS H JK purged his body of heavy metals in half a year and the changes were remarkable. Today the boy is completely “normal”, now he likes going to the kindergarten and they do not expect any troubles once he starts going to school. Now I am pregnant myself and I will start taking RENS H for preventive use myself, and I will also give it preventively to my daughter, so the problems of my cousin do not happen to us. I do not want to suffer the hell that she had to survive.



I started taking RENS H because of problems with my leg. I have a damaged motor neuron in the nerve. My leg was getting ever thinner and pale, even though I tried to do exercises. After the first bottle of RENS H (I took a double dose of the prescribed preventative dose), my leg was slightly warmer and less pale and I felt pain again in my leg, which I did not before, because my leg was practically dead. Thank you, Mr. Dernovšek.



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