Zoran Dernovšek discussing autism

The inventor of RENS H, Mr Zoran Dernovšek, is talking about autism. Here is a summary of the interview, which is available below (in Slovenian).

At the beginning Mr Dernovšek tells that the diagnosis of autism has changed over time. At the beginning autism was thought to be a psychological disorder, then a genetic disorder, later a disorder caused by external influences, vaccines, etc. Today autism is still officially treated as a developmental disorder not an illness. However, Mr Dernovšek treats autism as a classic disease with its cause, illness and consequences. The result of the disease is that a child (or an adult) becomes asocial, ripped out of the environment, he (or she) cannot express his feelings and does not understand what is happening around him, because specific brain centres are blocked and do not work the same way as with healthy people.

Industrial revolution has caused a lot of pollution in the water, in the food, in the air. There are also vaccines, which are one of the main triggers for autism today. Human immune system can no longer clean all the toxic metals from the body, therefore, these metals are stored in brains where they attack individual brain centres and block them. The problem is that modern medicine treats illnesses through their symptoms – they set the diagnosis according to the symptoms present. I am looking for the causes, the triggers. One of the latest findings is that certain additives to vaccines can be the triggers. The triggers are metals added to the vaccines to make the vaccines usable for a longer period of time. In the past mercury added to the vaccines was the problem, however, in the modern vaccines a bigger problem is aluminium in nanoparticles. Last year’s research show that aluminium, no matter where it enters the body, ends up in the brain in one year’s time. This is directly connected to dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease etc. all of which share the same thing – they damage nerve cells.

What is the cause of autism?

Mr Dernovšek presented his theory about the cause of autism. In his opinion the problem is in the additives made from animal body parts (mice, monkeys etc.) which are dried, pulverized and added to vaccines. In these additives are hidden micro bacteria which cause different diseases in animals and are directly injected into human body. If there are not enough triggers present, they stay hidden. The triggers are usually things that disable the normal activity of the immune system, e.g. invasion of mould from semi-permeable membrane in the intestines where it blocks the activity of the immune system. The second possibility is if the child is vaccinated too early, when the immune system is not yet developed.

The problem with vaccines is they are not monitored for long-term side effects (as mentioned, aluminium is stored in brains in a year time).

For single vaccines used for one disease the effects are at least partially checked and known. For combined vaccines there is no such information. It is simply anticipated that if 5 vaccines are safe on their own also their combination is safe – despite overloading the immune system in this case.

The system, which was at first set up to protect people, has become a threat to them. The reason for this being greed, sadly.

Mr Dernovšek also mentioned that his discovery of RENS H will lead to opening a centre for treating autism in Macedonia in the future.

Algae, a key ingredient of RENS H

Regarding RENS H he said that it is made from algae, which are a cradle of life. He managed to treat the algae in such a way to control their power. He also connected knowledge from other fields.

One of the problems related to autism are uncontrollable outbursts. There has been no clear discovery what leads to these outbursts and how to stop them. Mr Dernovšek found a solution for both problems. Solution has been tested in real life and it works.

One of the cases is an autistic boy from Slovenia. In 2015 (age 13) he had a stem cells surgery. Before the surgery he was non-verbal, he did not talk. After the first operation he could repeat the words he heard. After the second operation he was developed on a level of a one-year old. After the second operation the improvement was considerable, but followed by a regression. Stem cell surgery pulled a part of metals (aluminium) from brain cells to brain fluid. But if the metals are not removed from the brain fluid they return to brain cells and things can become even worse.

When he started to use RENS H, the regression stopped in a week, followed by improvement. After two and a half months there was a breakthrough.

Researchers in USA determined that the lymphatic transport system is also present in our brain with a network of branches. If this draining system is blocked, poisons are accumulated because there is no way for them to leave the body. The breakthrough I was referring to is opening up the lymphatic system because after that the body can clean the brain on their own.

Source: Interview with Mr Dernovšek: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9V50oMEeesg

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