A new RENS H formula for the application in the oral cavity

A lecture by Zoran Dernovšek, inventor of RENS, and Ana Snežka Vujasin, dental hygienist. The lecture was given on October 28th 2018 in Skopje, Macedonia.

In this article we transcribed only the part by Ms. Ana Snežka Vujasin where she is talking about the use of RENS H spray in treating periodontal disease. In the video it starts at 33:35.

You can find the video at the bottom. Attached is also the presentation that was shown and you can download it here: RENS_Skopje_181028eng-f.


Ana: Hello, let me introduce myself. My name is Ana from Slovenia. I will make a small introduction about how me and Zoran met.

I have a child with a range of autistic disorders. I was looking for something that would be most effective for my child to enable him a normal development. That is how I encountered Zoran. It was very hard to get in touch with him, but we were able to get in contact and I have told him what is going on with my child. His words are still somewhere in my sub consciousness. He said: “Your child won’t be normal, but above-average.”

Today my child is normal after all, he goes to a regular school. He was not verbal. Today he has good grades in a regular school. That is all possible with a lot of work and the RENS product. But, why am I here and why did Zoran allow me to talk about the new product?

Actually, I have tried to… how would you, Zoran, put that … to animate you?

Zoran: Yes.

Ana: I was at a seminar on dental diseases in Slovenia, and I have told Zoran that the problem here is bacteria in the oral cavity. He said: “We will see what can be done.”

But I wanted some product that would help us quickly and efficiently treat periodontal disease which we know that it is the biggest problem in the oral cavity. Not to mention other problems that may arise from this severe illness. Zoran said that we can do something. And he called me one day to show me something. And he showed me the slide with dental treatment syringes. My first attempts were how to treat periodontal disease with the least possible invasive procedures. Because we know how much it can hurt and how difficult it is to work in the mouth. Therefore, I have tried it. We started with that to see what could be done. I also work with a colleague, I will show you pictures later of him performing more demanding procedures.

I will start with the treatment of periodontal disease. I wondered if periodontal disease can be cured without pain and without anaesthesia.  In the next slide we will see if that is really possible. Zoran said beforehand that is could be done but it was my area if expertise and I wanted to try it and see for myself. He told me about the basic protocols for the treatment so that we do not get out of context as he already told you about the application to autistic children and other severe illnesses. How to apply and what are the basic protocols and the value of RENS for our mouth and body.

Next slide – is it possible to treat periodontal disease without pain? Zoran, what do you think?

Zoran: As it turned out, yes. But I was not present, so I have to believe you.

Too bad I did not record the video so I can show you that the procedure went without pain and no anaesthesia. Those were very severe periodontal diseases which simply are very low in number. There are inflammatory processes, irritations, pus outflow, but without any problems we removed them within only a month and we achieved the point which is required for the tooth to stand in the mouth. With RENS we managed to do what otherwise would take three months to be done. The treatment process resulted in full recovery within only a month. So, for me and my colleagues those really were amazing data. But our goal is to make it easier for the patient to remove the trauma that was there previously since almost all patients are afraid and some of them can hardly even sit on the dental chair.

It is really necessary to apply RENS because children with periodontal disease need prevention. Treating periodontal diseases begins before the intervention itself before we use dental tools to treat it. We apply it with syringe with two pressings of the syringe per tooth on certain inflammatory spots. Then we performed curettage with special instruments used for treatment of periodontal disease. And after that we checked if there was a need of additional cuts. However, Zoran said that it was enough but still I gave the patient a millilitre of RENS to take home and to apply it at night by himself. I recommended the patient to come back in a month and a half for check-up but he came back after a month. We performed assessments to check the condition at that moment and the data was unbelievable. It amazed me so much that I called Zoran and told him all the data. Later on the slide we will show you the unbelievable results.

So Zoran and I started thinking, with other colleagues dealing with oral health, how to start the idea and present them how we were able to, starting from zero, to obtain these real clinical researches. And I would like you, that are present here, and other colleagues to try the treatment as well. It is very important to conduct clinical studies as I’ve previously said, not only for the periodontal diseases, but also other diseases occurring in the mouth, which would cover more of these patients with various mouth diseases and more patients and colleagues who would take part in these researches. If we manage to join together in order to establish the procedure and protocol, all of us would be able to comply with the same procedures and protocols to help many patients. Because, in my opinion, a tooth cannot stand tall without the base.

We have the product and we have the resources to provide that for our patients. As you can see, the process is painless, and it is my wish to really help the patients and especially the youngest of them and the children in autistic spectrum where it is even more difficult to achieve good oral hygiene. So I invite children to come to my practice because they do not have much knowledge about dentistry and it is very difficult to work with them. And together with my colleagues we try to establish a contact with the child, although it is very difficult to do that, but now that we have RENS I think it will be much easier and simpler. If we take a look a bit lower at the photos … here is the slide.

In the upper photo you can see how my colleague extracted the tooth of the patient. On the slide on your right you can see how RENS is applied after the tooth extraction. And the second photo shows patient with an anti-coagulation therapy. However, there wasn’t any severe blood outflow. I was counting in how many seconds the blood coagulated which proved to be an amazing data. I counted to seven and the bleeding in the spot of extraction stopped. After the treatment the patient was completely fine and the result was unbelievable. The wound was healing well and we did not have any difficulties. In the lower photo the colleague managed, before applying RENS, to reconstruct the bone in order to make a suitable dental prosthesis, so he reconstructed the bone and placed stitches. The patient came the next day for a check-up. The picture on your left is where RENS was applied. And the following slide shows the incredible healing of the wound.

Speaking of that slide, I don’t have the photo of one patient where my colleague also extracted two teeth, he reconstructed the bone and placed stitches. The next day, that was Thursday, that same patient came back and my colleague said that he will remove the stitches. I said it was impossible and I was not sure we were talking about the same person. He assured me that we are talking about the same person and asked me to come and see for myself. I saw the wound was completely closed, we removed the stitches and not a drop of blood came out. I was like nothing happened in there, like there was no tooth there. With all the excitement I called Zoran and described the case to him and he only laughed. It was amazing what RENS with its new formula can do in the mouth.

On the following slide we can see the treatment process 2, where the stitch was removed the third day after RENS application. And we can see how beautifully the wound heals and is protected. The patient is very satisfied, she experienced no difficulties and you can see that the surrounding tissue displays no redness indicating absence of inflammations.

In the lower, third photo is the same patient we saw in the photo above. Since I was not in the practice, someone helped him take the picture showing that the wound is healed. The patient experienced no difficulties.

The product is outstanding. Zoran, I want to hear about your experiences related to that photo.

Zoran: We talked about that earlier. These cases are, more or less, individual although some rules have already been indicated. Accordingly that rules refer to fast blood clots, fast wound healing, disinfection of the surrounding area, reduction of pain. You told me about a case where there was an open nerve but the patient felt no pain afterwards. So, I think, if nothing else, the product is worth to be further examined, to be subjected to clinical trials or studies to be conducted on the basis of certain types of periodontal diseases. But of course this will be done by specialists, dentists. I am not able to do that. I am sure they will have your support since you are the person with greatest experience with it. I should mention that this is not the only practice in Slovenia using the product, there are a few of them. It is the first batch or so called initial research in order to see if it is in any way worth to conduct further studies. Because if there is no effect, why conduct studies? It would be a waste of time. But there are effects and the ball is passed to you, her colleagues.


Question from the audience: Can periodontitis be treated at the age of 60?

Ana: Of course it can be treated. But there is always a rule that without general hygiene this cannot be done. So, the hygiene has to come first for the patient, or a person with some kind of disorder, and if it is confirmed that there is solid ground to do the treatment, then yes. My answer is yes.


The video continues and Mr. Dernovšek explains other things related to RENS and you are welcome to watch it to the end.

Time and again RENS proves to be an amazing discovery which helps with a wide variety of problems and diseases.

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