Zoran Dernovšek for the Macedonian TV O2: “RENS H helps people with autism and many others”

Inventor of food supplement RENS H, a remarkable man from Slovenia Mr Zoran Dernovšek, is getting recognized also abroad. A few days ago he was interviewed by Macedonian TV station O2 where he discussed autism and again confirmed that autism can be treated. He said that RENS H also helps people with other problems.

At the moment we cannot provide summary of the interview because it is in Macedonian (we will try to do it in the future) but it is nice to see that RENS H is getting international coverage and that it is helping people all over the world.

If you understand Macedonian, you can watch the video below:

Source: O2 Television, https://www.facebook.com/O2.Televizija/videos/1664010843609276/



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