RENS H is a food supplement, the name RENS stands for Rapid Effect Natural Supplement.

RENS ingredients include extra virgin olive oil, a special combination of mechanically treated green, blue and red algae and their extracts (at nano level), chlorophyll from green plants.

RENS H, prehransko dopolnilo


The inventor of RENS H is a Slovenian, Zoran Dernovšek. You can find more information at the bottom of this page.

Effects of RENS H

The author claims the following positive effects of the RENS H food supplement:

  1. Restores and accelerates the growth of healthy cells, especially blood cells.
  2. Cell protection and nutrition. Oxygenation destroys unhealthy cells, healthy ones get more oxygen.
  3. Protects and restores damaged cells in all tissues, even at the DNA level.
  4. Strengthens the immune system and reduces the risk of cancer; it can even eliminate it.
  5. Accelerates internal and external wound healing for 4 to 6 times.
  6. Stimulates healthy pH level in the intestines which helps grow probiotic bacteria.
  7. Cleanses the key systems in the body, such as intestines, liver and blood from toxins, heavy metals and other harmful substances (pesticides).
  8. Regulates blood pressure to an optimal value.
  9. Raises the energy level of the body.
  10. Improves digestion, eliminates constipation and malnutrition, optimizes body weight.
  11. Normalizes the level of blood sugar, it can eliminate type 2 diabetes.
  12. Helps against autoimmune diseases, including HIV, herpes, influenza, Chron’s disease, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, dementia.
  13. Regulates the function of the heart, kidneys, the nervous system and the brain.
  14. Protects the liver and stimulates the elimination of toxic substances such as arsenic, chlorine and heavy metals, including mercury and radioactive metals.
  15. Helps against radiation diseases.
  16. Regulates blood chemistry and balances the body’s pH (neutralizes acidity in the body).
  17. In the body and outside of the body destroys the majority of known viruses, bacteria and mold and diseases related to them.
  18. Works anti-inflammatory very fast.
  19. Improves the ability to concentrate, helps with the effects of ADHD.
  20. Refreshes the breath and eliminates the unpleasant odor of secretions (urine, faeces).
  21. Strengthens blood circulation and nerves.
  22. Relaxes nerves and muscles, helps with anxiety and depression.
  23. Improves eyesight.
  24. Helps your body produce its own glutathione.
  25. Regulates the secretion of hormones.
  26. Slows down the aging process, with the rapid regeneration of cells can even stop it temporarily.
  27. Acts as a natural pain killer.
  28. Reduces chronic fatigue and prolongs active time between resting.
  29. Destroys viruses and bacteria that are hidden in seemingly healthy body cells.
  30. Lowers cholesterol levels in the blood.
  31. Eliminates or soothes certain chronic diseases (various viral and bacterial infections, hepatitis C, etc.).
  32. Helps with menopause syndrome, in particular reduces anxiety and depression in women; also helps with premenstrual syndrome (PMS).
  33. It is an additional source of proteins, vitamin B12 and iron.
  34. Stimulates hair growth and restores the scalp.
  35. Works against external fungal diseases.
  36. Restores the skin throughout the body, especially in visible parts (face, hands), it is especially effective for dry and thin skin; eliminates cellulite, scars, acne, wounds.

How does RENS H work

Zoran Dernovšek, the inventor of RENS H explains the way RENS H works and its effects (video is in Slovenian).

In the human or animal organism RENS H acts as a natural catalyst, which enables the body to restore its natural function of self-preservation and self-defense.

RENS H achieves this with its distinctive action in three areas:

  • Oxygenation (delivers additional oxygen to all cells in the body. This process reveals defective anaerobic cells which are destroyed by the additional O2. So the organism can replace damaged cells with healthy ones using stem cells. The process delivers additional O2 to the healthy cells, resulting in additional respiration and higher energy level).
  • Alkalization (alkalization of the body to a healthy level between Ph 7.2 and Ph 7.4. It also inhibits the activity of lactic acid, which results in more endurable body which gets less tired).
  • Purification (cleansing of toxins, pesticides, heavy metals and radioactive metals from the blood and the organism, including from the liver, kidneys and bones. Heavy metals are often stored in the liver and cause malfunction of the organism, as the liver is a control organ for over 1,500 internal processes, especially for filtering and control of the glands functions).

The RENS H formula is made from 100% natural ingredients of plant origin. The origin of ingredients is monitored for purity, they are originally in powder. In this form and with correct storage the expiration date is unlimited. In mixtures the expiration date is determined by the additions (oil, cream etc.).


Who is Zoran Dernovšek?

Zoran Dernovšek was born on July 27th 1959 in Slovenia (former Yugoslavia). He graduated from high school of electrical engineering, later he was a teacher at the technical high school. After Slovenia gained independence he finished the school for officers. He studied at universities in Slovenia and in Great Britain (administration, law, MBA, finances). From 2010 he works in family companies as advisor (business, financial, tax, project) and is active in ecology. He invented RENS H in 2014, based on his product VINS (a universal bedding for animals with the ability to eliminate unpleasant odors), which he started developing in 2011. Zoran has been inventor from the age of 12. At 15 he provided one of the best solutions of the Archimedes’ problem “Squaring the circle” which was published in a technical magazine Presek. In former Yugoslavia and later in Slovenia many of his inventions were nationalized for common good. Because the same was happening in Slovenia in 2011, when he was on the verge of breakthrough with VINS, he moved to Italy with his family in 2012.

RENS H is a part of phytopharmacy and microbiology. For the interpretation of results and treatment direction Zoran utilizes the help of medical doctors, phyto-pharmacists and microbiologists in his team (with counselling, without disclosing the formula). As a former active athlete, he often dealt with sports medicine and he had to substantially upgrade this knowledge in the last year, as there is also a strong potential for the use of RENS H.