Miracle drops saved Liam (Nedeljske novice)

Another case of RENS H helping solve the problems that accompany autism and a new story that gives hope to everyone who is searching for solution to their problems. The article was published in Nedeljske novice, a Sunday edition of the most popular Slovenian daily newspaper, Slovenske novice.

Parents of a 5-year old Liam moved from Slovenia to Austria 6 years ago in search of better life. One year later Liam was born. His progress was normal until he turned 1 and was vaccinated with the MMR vaccine (measles, mumps, and rubella). According to Liam’s father, two weeks later began a nightmare no parent should live to see. A happy and cheerful child became silent, he did not want to look at his parents any more, he started to ignore the entire world. There was no more eye contact, he did not respond to calls, he became restless and angry, he started to throw things. His condition went from bad to worse. Doctors diagnosed him with autism and development problems in communication.

However, his mother and father did not accept that he will never get better (which was written in the official doctor’s diagnose). They were searching for other possibilities and other parents with similar problems. They sent Liam’s samples to the USA for analysis and it turned out that the boy has a high level of aluminium in his brain. Based on other parents’ suggestions Liam’s parents ordered vitamins and minerals from Australia and he started with the RENS H therapy.

Liam soon started to show signs of change and improvement. According to his father he was visiting musical therapy, language therapist and horse riding therapy. Eye contact was slowly returning, he started to speak his first words, he was enrolled into kindergarten where he was praised on his behaviour – he did what he was asked to do, he cooperated, worked with other children, very rarely he still threw himself on the floor (something he was doing every day before) and his outbursts were very limited. Also the autism centre Ambulatorium Mistelbach praised his positive development.

At the moment Liam is only halfway to his full recovery because years of autism left consequences and the boy now has to make up for the lost physical and mental development. His parents want to offer Liam a chance to catch up with his peers and live a completely normal life. In order to do that they need to take a number of therapies for children with development problems. This is an unavoidable fact and they don’t run away from it. They started to work with enthusiasm, perseverance and patience.

Liam also has a talent for painting. An exhibition of his work was displayed in May and June 2018 in the Tone Seliškar library in Trbovlje, Slovenia.

Source: Nedeljske novice, 30. 6. 2018, Photo: personal archive


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