Mrs Saša Barlič sharing her story how RENS helped with her problems

This time we are presenting the story of Mrs Saša Barlič who shared her story in a Television ETV studio, where she was a guest together with Mr Dernovšek.

Here is a short summary of her interview. The video is originally in Slovenian.

Mrs Saša has had diabetes for 35 years, which led to a number of medical problems. As an outcome of diabetes she had problems with eyes, her kidney stopped working, then she had a kidney transplant but it was not successful and she got severe sepsis. This was followed by a heart attack and she was in a comma for 5 weeks. Due to sepsis doctors had to amputate both of her legs while she was in a comma.

Despite all of these setbacks she never lost hope. Complementary to official medicine she was always looking for other solutions.

She went to a presentation held by Mr Dernovšek where she first learned about RENS and then she presented her situation to Mr Dernovšek in person.

RENS H helped with her leg wounds

In February 2017 when this interview was made she was taking RENS H for a month and a half.

Before that she overburdened both of her legs where her prostheses are fixed. The legs did not heal well, discharge was oozing out of wounds for several months and medical doctors were considering another amputation. After two days of taking RENS the discharge from her legs was even stronger. Mr Dernovšek calmed her down and explained to her that her body was cleansing and there is no need to worry. After three weeks her wounds finally got clean and they closed down. Three weeks later her legs are still well. Additionally she had slow blood circulation on one leg and because of this the leg was thinner. Also this issue was fixed, the leg is gaining muscle and is warmer.

In general Mrs Saša has more energy now that she is taking RENS H and in winter time she has no problems with viruses.

Also her life partner is using RENS H. He had a kidney transplant. After the transplantation he had skin problems for 15 years and he was using corticosteroid creams because his skin was full of rough patches. Since he started using RENS, there is no more need for creams which helped but can cause severe side effects. Now his skin is smooth and clean.

His general condition has also improved. He is fighting chronic fatigue but there is progress and his energy level is up.

Mrs Saša is an active athlete, she is very successful at the European Transplant and Dialysis Games.

She can confirm from her own experience that RENS H is not placebo, it actually helps.

Below is the interview in Slovenian.

Source: Television ETV,

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